A Cognitive Training Tool to Aid Skin Lesion Diagnosis


  • Dermofit is a digital tool built to train non-specialist medical professionals to accurately identify malignant and benign skin lesions and skin growths at an earlier stage.
  • The application is an expert image-based application containing a photo library of skin lesions to help inform practitioners to diagnosis more effectively.
  • An innovative training and reference tool used by professionals from across the medical community including: GPs, clinic nurses, dermatology specialist nurses, and medical students.

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Dermofit Community

  • Dermofit is supported by a growing community of healthcare professionals, medical students, and professional associations. Become part of this community.

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Dermofit Evidence Base

  • The Dermofit project is the result of four years of development by a research team at the University of Edinburgh. Over this period the project has generated a substantial evidence base.

Dermofit Evidence Base